“Vinyl-only, NO repress!”

Here’s a quote from a recent interview with Johanna Schneider who runs the Bossmusik label:

I chose to press vinyl cause that’s the format I use and like playing the most. I will release it all digitally, it’s just been taking time. Every time people email me asking about the releases digital I just send them the tracks for free. What people forget about this fucking elitistic vinyl-only discussion is that it’s also excluding. If you’re one of those who can afford to and play vinyl, well, LUCKY YOU. Be thankful for that. Everyone doesn’t have that kind of money. Bossmusik is also a strictly repress label, lol. Music for the people!

Boom. Exactly my thoughts on the already very tired issue of strictly “vinyl-only, no repress” releases.

I don’t understand this nonsense.

Levon Vincent is a prime example: he puts out his Novel Sound stuff on vinyl and gives away MP3s for free. Why? Why not set up a Bandcamp page and let people buy MP3s or FLACs. There’s always the “name your price” option if you wish to give your music away for free. I’m happy to pay. The whole “oh fuck you, here’s MP3 if you’re too cheap to buy the wax” scenario kind of offends me, to be honest. Is my money not good enough for you? I still buy vinyl and will continue to do so, but sometimes, I just want the files. So why not take my money?

March 23, 2015  |  

TOTD: Container – Eject


This new jam from Ren Schofield aka Container popped up in my SoundCloud stream this morning. The track – taken from his forthcoming LP on Spectrum Spools – is properly bananas and so is the music video. The label states that the LP “is the most explosive offering in the Container oeuvre, capturing the raw and unhinged essence of the live Container experience while exploring new compositional and sonic limits.”

You can pre-order the LP here.

Eric Holm – Andøya



Bone-crushing soundscapes on this debut LP from Eric Holm on Bristol-based Subtext. According to Holm, the material on Andøya is “a collection of recordings produced on the arctic island of Andøya, an outpost 300 kilometers north of the arctic circle, developed entirely from a single contact mic recording from a remote telegraph pole that connects the island’s array of military listening stations.” If you like the low end frequency sound of Roly Porter, Emptyset or Raster Noton then you should most definitely give it a listen.


November 25, 2014  |  

Exoteric Continent – Primera Norma



Exoteric Continent is a project of Barcelona-based producer Arnau Sala Saez who also happens to be one of the curators behind the excellent Anòmia label. The offering on Primera Norma is four tracks of throbbing analog techno recorded entirely on hardware. Also don’t forget to check out Arnau’s Bandcamp for more sonic excursions.


Clay Rendering – Waters Above The Firmament



Clay Rendering is the project of husband/wife duo Mike & Tara Connelly. I wasn’t initially impressed by their first release but their second EP, Waters Above The Firmament, is on whole different level. Floating somewhere between dreamy pop, shoegaze and industrial with production assistance from Dominick Fernow (aka Prurient, Vatican Shadow) this is easily one of my favorite slabs of vinyl this year and one of the best to come out on Hospital Productions in a while. The Boomkat guys sum it up best: “this is essentially pure pop music in that time-honoured play-it-again-and-again fashion – a wide-scoped portal to pleasures hard to resist by any and all functioning ears who know what’s good.”


Suzanne Ciani: A Life in Waves


A Life in Waves will be a biographical look at Suzanne’s dynamic and colorful career, from her earliest days learning the piano, to her multi-million dollar advertising ventures, to her innovations in the world of New Age music, to her recent connection with Finders Keepers records and re-acquaintance with her beloved Buchla synthesizer. More than this, the film will be a journey into Suzanne’s mind, offering a feminine glimpse into the often-complicated worlds of composition, electronic music, and advertising. Utilizing a wealth of archival footage and Suzanne’s endless catalog of music, we’ll create a nostalgic, visually-compelling look at one woman’s journey, and the trials she had to overcome to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated art form.

The fundraising goal is a modest $38,500 and there are 23 days left. Come on people, we can make this happen!

Suzanne Ciani: A Life in Waves [Kickstarter]

November 17, 2014  |  

Gina Calabrese – Series One EP



Recorded in someone’s bedroom while watching Miami Vice re-runs on TV with no sound? Probably. Whatever. Solid 80s nostalgia vibes here.


October 17, 2014  |  

Beynon Archival: Works From The Beynon School Of Audio Architecture



The Beynon School of Audio Architecture was the department founded in 1959 to explore the relationship between new ever emerging audio possibilities (performative electronics, composition, structure, early sampling techniques) and the moving image. This experimentation peaked in the mid 1960s to the late 1970s. This is the time span that forms the bulk of the surviving archive. The word ‘Architecture’ was employed because of Victor’s ideology that the children should ‘build worlds in relation to visual stimulus that are both organic and solid but at once metaphorical and dream-like’. A scope that gave some focus while remaining wide enough to encourage experimentation. The school was also a focus for the surrounding community and the local inhabitants made use of the facilities of the school and the audio school proper.

The great majority of the audio-visual archive was destroyed by flooding in 1986 when the archive was being held at the Royal William Yard, Plymouth. However most of the audio material was saved as it was stored above the line of the highest part of the flooding.