Beynon Archival: Works From The Beynon School Of Audio Architecture



The Beynon School of Audio Architecture was the department founded in 1959 to explore the relationship between new ever emerging audio possibilities (performative electronics, composition, structure, early sampling techniques) and the moving image. This experimentation peaked in the mid 1960s to the late 1970s. This is the time span that forms the bulk of the surviving archive. The word ‘Architecture’ was employed because of Victor’s ideology that the children should ‘build worlds in relation to visual stimulus that are both organic and solid but at once metaphorical and dream-like’. A scope that gave some focus while remaining wide enough to encourage experimentation. The school was also a focus for the surrounding community and the local inhabitants made use of the facilities of the school and the audio school proper.

The great majority of the audio-visual archive was destroyed by flooding in 1986 when the archive was being held at the Royal William Yard, Plymouth. However most of the audio material was saved as it was stored above the line of the highest part of the flooding.


Silent Servant – Silent Editions Radio Mix 1


[00] Cabaret Voltaire – Your Agent Man
[03] Sir Freddie Viadukt – Slow Train To
[06] Nagamatzu – Faith
[11] Stephen Mallinder – Cool Down
[18] Vazz – Endless Road
[20] Clock DVA – The Act
[24] Death In June – Born Again
[30] Oltre La Morte – Aria Azure
[33] Los Inciados – Peter Pan
[36] Nine Circles – The Rose
[38] Ruth – Polaroid / Roman / Photo
[43] ID
[46] ID
[48] Psychic Youth – Sleep In Time
[53] Geneva Jacuzzi – Greek Ambassador
[56] The Product – Do You Believe
[59] Das Kabinette – The Cabinet
[62] No More – Suicide Commando
[65] Snowy Red – Sinkin’ Down
[68] Pavillon 7B – I Want To Live For Me
[70] 2VM – Placita
[72] Pure Ground – Crawling Through
[75] Death Domain – Programmed Cell Death
[79] Throbbing Gristle – Distant Dreams (Part Two)

Leyland Kirby – We Drink To Forget The Coming Storm



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