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Demdike Stare - Osmosis (2010)


"Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker's debut album as Demdike Stare appeared in numerous end-of-year charts, championed by those in the know as a real find for lovers of genre-defying obscurity. Entering 2010, they've spliced together a cinematic selection of source materials, whose names shall go unwritten, for now at least. The mix gives a broad overview of the inspirations and touchstones for the Demdike project, fermenting radiophonic disco with obscure library records, outre space jazz and magickal electronics to craft one of the most potently psyched-out selections we've heard in a very long time. Canty's unhealthy obsession for under-the-counter VHS movies coupled with his day job rummaging through archival issues and Library records lends the set a defined narrative structure, while their combined knowledge of arcane sonics of all manners should keep even the most dilated listeners among you utterly spellbound. We shouldn't really spoil the surprise any more, just take it on trust that if you've been intrigued by the whole Hauntology thing or have a passion for darker music then the rewards to be found here are bountiful. Very highly recommended."