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Christian Cosmos – Enthronement By God As The First-Born Of The Dead


Christian Cosmos is a collaborative effort between Dominick Fernow (Prurient, Vatican Shadow) and Kris Lapke aka Alberich. Enthronement By God As The First-Born Of The Dead fuses the synh-friendly sound of Fernow’s Prurient and Vatican Shadow projects with the heavier and more distorted sound of Alberich. Expect powerful electronics, celestial drones and distorted noise throughout the entire 37+ minutes. If you liked Prurient’s Bermuda Drain LP from last year, then you need to check this out asap. The album was initially released on Fernow’s own Hospital Productions label as 4 x cassette set, but it is now available digitally from various online outlets.


Prurient – Bermuda Drain


Prurient’s Bermuda Drain LP dropped out of nowhere and it blew my mind instantly. I picked it up mainly because I was curious about the small sticker on the sleeve: “LISTEN ON HEADPHONES AT NIGHT WHILE DRIVING THROUGH TUNNELS IN EUROPE.” I mean, dude, I had to check it out!

Prurient is the stage and production alias of Dominick Fernow (aka Vatican Shadow) who also runs the New York-based Hospital Productions label. It turns out that Fernow has been putting out records and performing live with various U.S. noise bands since the late 90s. I’m not very familiar with his extensive discography and various aliases, but according to numerous articles and reviews I found on the web, Bermuda Drain is his most diverse and emotionally charged album to date. Standout cuts? Definitely “Palm Tree Corpse,” “Let’s Make a Slave,” and the hyper-charged “Watch Silently” and “Sugar Cane Chapel”.

Truth to be told, I’ve never really been into noise or black metal, but this album has introduced me to music and sounds I didn’t even know I would like. I didn’t do my 2011 EoY list last year, but if I did, Bermuda Drain would have likely been listed somewhere very close to the top.