William Bennett (Whitehouse, Cut Hands) On Record Collecting

Just as art is not something just to be looked at, nor is music something to be simply listened to: it has to be experienced – and that’s why format is a critical component, a transparent concession, that is tragically overlooked nowadays. I don’t mean that in the sense of a nostalgic hark back to the days of vinyl, except in the sense of how your experience, at the very least, is profoundly affected by the sensory modalities of having a real object – in this case a record sleeve – to hold and to gaze at, vinyl to smell, to touch, to handle. Imagine how boring food would be if the experience was reduced to taking a small invisible pill every day for all the necessary nutrients – and even this doesn’t take into account the crucial component of foraging and procurement, the very basis of collecting.

Right on. Personally I have never really appreciated music to the fullest up until I started buying vinyl records.


January 21, 2012  |