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Wisdom to the wise

"I think something happens when you listen to music either with your eyes closed or in the dark. The music reaches further into you." -Sean Booth / Autechre (2018)

"I learned quite a bit from making the earlier electroacoustic stuff. I learned to listen well. This is very important. There is a lot about this in my favorite book, 'The Mysticism of Sound' by Hazrat Inayat Khan. So much music seems rushed. I like music that unfolds in slow motion, so the listener doesn't miss anything. I like to show my listeners a frame-by-frame scan. Time-stretched to see the details. Pull apart the fabric of sound so you can see what's in between the grains, and zoom into (normally) unheard realms. Musicians like to play it safe and stay in familiar waters. I've spent many nights sitting outside with my eyes closed, DAT machine running, dummy head mic off in the distance. Sitting and listening to the air moving. Feeling the pressure zones shift. When you listen deeply, you can start to comprehend a world of sound beyond typical reality." -Rod Modell (2007)

"One great use of a synthesizer is to hold down a note, turn some knobs, and listen to it sparkle - to examine the big swells of harmonics created when a bundle of circuits try to sound like violins or trumpets. Lots of great music, ambient and otherwise, has been made by folks holding down keys on synthesizers." -Andrew Gaerig